About Us

(El Safwa for Marble and Granite) is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of marble and granite. Al-Safwa Marble and Granite Company is one of the El Safwa Group companies, which is a major contracting company with a long history in the field of contracting, construction and building in Egypt. The company holds the ISO 9001 international quality certificate due to its latest production lines and is equipped with the latest technology in the marble and granite industry in the industrial zone of Shaq Al-Thi’ban, as it has quarries for the best types of marble and granite to cover the needs of the local and international market with the best materials and specifications and we have showrooms selling all kinds of local and imported marble and granite Therefore, with our capabilities and experiences, we are one of the best suppliers of marble and granite at the local level and one of the best exporters at the international level, with the highest international quality standards and the best prices. And since our company enjoys a good reputation and respect in the Egyptian market, it has acquired a satisfactory share of the marble and granite market at the local level, and we look forward to increasing our customers and our share in the local market and at the international level, as we export our products to the many international markets and look forward to more.